"Being grown-up is boring.
Besides, I don't get jazz."
-Patrick Star

Sharon, age 20.
I don't post consistent material; this is a personal blog. But you can expect to find a lot of literature, art & photography, ASOIAF/GoT, Studio Ghibli, and video games.




From Casa Susanna: Photographs from a 1950s Transvestite Hideaway

Poster meme » Harry Potter Series


Looking back at Apollo 16.


On April 16, 1972, the Apollo 16 mission blasted off from Cape Canaveral on a journey to the Moon. Astronauts John Young, Charlie Duke, and Ken Mattingly went on the penultimate adventure of the Apollo program with a mission that lasted 11 days, 1 hour, and 51 minutes, ending at 2:45 PM EST on April 27.


→ Tywin shielding Tommen

The first innovative bicycle path in the Netherlands will be paved with light stones that will charge during the day and emit light during the evening. The path will run by the home that Vincent van Gogh lived in from 1883-5.


Nocturnal Me
Echo & The Bunnymen
Ocean Rain (1984)


Luca Zanier

Corridors of Power


 ”Your Grace, if you are dead —” 

"— you will avenge my death, and seat my daughter on the Iron Throne. Or die in the attempt."


Space Teriyaki 7

Visions of space and the future in Japan in the 70s and 80s

1Gan Hosoya, 1973, “Silence” poster

2. Tadami Yamada, c.1975

3. Genpei Akasegawa, c.1975

4. Hajime Sorayama, c.1975

5. Hiroshi Manabe, early 70s

6. Hisashi Saito, 1983, catalog illustration

7. Kazuyuki Goto, c.1975

8. Sadao Sato, 1983, original work


Fascinating characters by Jeff Simpson

Jeff Simpson is a 26 year-old concept artist currently living in Canada and more precisely in Montreal when he works for the prestigious studio Ubisoft. He is specialized in character and creature design. They have generally a strange and tormented aspect.  Discover more illustrations on his portfolio, his CGHub and his DeviantArt.

"Kings" + Final Words


A southern white rhino with her one-day-old baby at the Ziwa rhino sanctuary in Nakasongola, north of Uganda’s capital, Kampala | image by Edward Echwalu